Community Growth Through Airdrop Campaigns

Boosting website & social media traffic through different Crypto Bounty Campaigns (20,000 ~ 200,000 total members on different channels within 2-4 weeks)

Significant Role Of Airdrop Campaigns

Driven method to the community growth

Potential contributors (bounty hunters) participate in Airdrop & Bounty Campaigns performing promotional activities to receive a percentage of the project tokens.

Airdrop & Bounty Campaigns focus on generating awareness about your project & maximizing the number of people participating in the token sale.

Meta Lion Ventures comprehensively assist Blockchain projects in Airdrop & Bounty Campaigns and expand followers’ network by setting up Airdrop Page/Airdrop Bot, attaching mandatory tasks, scheduling content calendar, sharing information, analyzing traffic data, and providing the final results.

Major Goals Of Airdrop Campaigns

The strategy of deploying Airdrop & Bounty or Giveaway Campaigns is often applied to attract investors & initial users. It also consolidates the community’s cognition about projects before the official public announcement of listing tokens through an IEO, IDO, or ICO & IFO.

Therefore, Meta Lion Ventures will connect Crypto users, players, and investors to allocate tokens or rewards that make the project go viral.

By deploying Airdrop & Bounty Campaigns, Crypto projects reach certain advantages as follows:

1. Increasing the credibility of the project to communities & partners

2. Developing a multi-user & multi-channel community (Twitter, Telegram, Discord,…)

3. Growing the probability of IDO success

4. Earning the number of long-term holders (1,000 – 3,000 holders)

5. Marketing the project to a variety of communities

Deployment Channels

Gaining Massive Users Attraction


Gaining Diverse Members with Gleam Airdrop

Our Gleam Airdrop process includes scheduling the detailed content, attaching all your project’s social media links, and providing necessary tasks to gain numerous members to your communities.


Inviting New Users by Discord Referral

We assist Crypto projects to build Discord channels and add essential bots to enhance security. By giving people free tokens or referral codes, your project can boost massive members for the Discord community’s growth.


Boosting Your Channel by Telegram Airdrop

Meta Lion’s team will set up the Telegram Airdrop Bot to approach 5,000 – 20,000 actual members. We calculate the effective method to expand the campaign, examine sign-up steps for users, and employ beneficial tools to filter bots/cheaters.


Increasing User Engagement with Twitter Airdrop

We connect with Twitter Influencers and thought leaders to post, quote tweet, hashtag, and comment on your Airdrop Campaign. This method will make your project reach the Top Trending Hashtag and go viral shortly.

Meta Lion

Meta Lion will bring success to your brand in the Crypto market through our in-depth Growth research, and systematized process with comprehensive efficiency. Our enthusiastic, creative, and passionate team is available to analyze thoroughly projects and refine the best values for partners and the community.

We hold the ability to deploy international multi-channel projects (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.) and experienced technical knowledge not only of “Crypto” (NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, Web3, Metaverse, etc). We also support tweaking the content in our partners’ native languages (USA, France, Russia, China, etc).

Spreading Crypto Projects' Awareness

Step 1.

Maximizing Campaigns Results

We highly recommend allocating your bounty tokens following the popularity of each campaign. Twitter and Telegram Airdrop & Bounty Campaigns usually see participation in great numbers, and thus, the stake allocated towards these campaigns should be higher. Besides, Discord Airdrop & Bounty Campaigns will be more beneficial to the NFT's activities (trading, promoting,...). Meta Lion Ventures ensure to track and report on the statistics of each Airdrop Campaign desiring promised results.

Step 2.

Launching High-Quality Campaigns

Launching high-quality Airdrop & Bounty Campaigns will help your project build a loyal support base and reach a large pool of investors. To boost the engagements of users for projects, we provide Social Media Campaigns, Content Marketing Campaign (blog posts, PR), Translation Campaign (whitepaper and website translation campaigns in multilingual).

Step 3.

Bounty Marketing Campaign

Our Marketing Strategy centers on creating advertising messages that captivate audiences’ attention. Our tactics can help immensely with brand awareness & reaching specific target audiences. To accomplish promised results, we showcase banner ads, your domain (or logo), participating in various Crypto groups across Telegram, and Twitter to spread awareness.

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What are related questions of Airdrop & Bounty Campaigns?


Why do Crypto Airdrop & Bounty Campaigns exist?

The primary motivation of a Crypto Airdrop & Bounty Campaign is to promote a blockchain startup, project, or service. By issuing tokens to users, the team can bootstrap its project and ensure a fair distribution of tokens among its community from the initial phase.

Moreover, recipients of these tokens are incentivized to increase awareness and help the project reach a broader audience once the token begins trading on an exchange.

What are the types of Crypto Airdrop Campaigns?

In the Crypto-verse, different types of airdrops require a distinct set of actions to avail of the reward:

- Standard Airdrop requires users to sign up for a newsletter or similar

- Bounty Airdrop requires activity performance to qualify for the Crypto airdrop

- Holder Airdrop happens when users hold certain tokens in a Crypto wallet

- Exclusive Airdrop serves a specific community with loyal members

How do Crypto users earn profits from Airdrop & Bounty Campaigns?

After plenty of Airdrop executions, we believe that Crypto Users can gain surprising profits by:

- Become a member of the community and hold onto your coins until the airdrop happens

- Actively partake in the community (involving promoting the project, and participating in social media campaigns...)

- Sell your coins or tokens after you receive them

What is the difference between Airdrop and Bounty Campaign?

Everyone can participate in airdrops and some forms of bounties (social media & forum bounties,...). Any Crypto enthusiast can be a forum contributor, and your input will be appreciated if you are passionate about digital assets.

However, their main difference is that airdrop is a minimal distribution of coins for simple tasks like joining Telegram or following Twitter. The bounty is larger and has more time-consuming tasks but holds greater rewards.

Where can users find Crypto Airdrops?

Crypto-verse participation on Twitter is almost essential. Twitter is one of the only social media sites allowing such free promotion and discussion around Blockchain/Cryptocurrency.

Crypto users should visit dedicated sites (, Airdrop365,...) that focus entirely on airdrop information. Users can also subscribe to Meta Lion Ventures' channels, we frequently update the valuable Airdrop & Bounty Campaigns.

How does Meta Lion Ventures implement Airdrop and Bounty Campaigns?

We fully support your project on building and managing Airdrop & Bounty Campaigns to maximize the project's effectual spreading. We commit to the number of attendees (50 to 100,000 members) through our Growth-hacking activities.

Our Community Managers will connect crypto users, players, and investors to allocate tokens or rewards that promote the project's viral effect.

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