Meta Lion Blockchain Ambassador Program

1. About Meta Lion

Meta Lion is a venture for Blockchain Technology & Software projects applying Layer 1 (Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Binance & L1s…) through every development phase (Set-up, IDO/IGO/INO, Launching, Generate Users…). We support Blockchain projects through multi-communication channels (Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Google…), multi-genres (Metaverse, DeFi, GameFi, Web3…) in international markets (US, UK, AU, Korea, Russia, Brazil…). By September 2022, our communities have reached over 11,000 members on Linkedin, 42,000 followers on Twitter, and 53,000 subscribers on Telegram.

2. Meta Lion Ambassador Qualifications

Meta Lion Ambassador is a dynamic and enthusiastic member who will build & promote Meta Lion on media channels. Candidates will play a vital role in connecting, maintaining, and expanding cooperation between Meta Lion with investment funds, businesses, organizations & projects in the Blockchain sector. 

Here are the key traits we are looking for:

  • Experience in organizing events and being an active leader in extracurricular activities.
  • Experience in building, managing, nurturing & retaining communities
  • Experience in investing in stocks, trading coins/tokens/NFTs…
  • Good English speaking and writing skills
  • Willingness to learn, especially Blockchain knowledge foundation

3. Meta Lion Ambassador Responsibilities

During the term, the main activity of an ambassador is planning and implementing the approach methods to connect Meta Lion with Blockchain businesses and projects:

  • Connecting and cooperating with Blockchain funds, organizations & projects
  • Creating content and boosting Meta Lion’s website & social media channels
  • Participating in Meta Lion’s PR plans and campaigns
  • Researching Blockchain products, services, trends & major activities

4. Exclusive Benefits for Meta Lion Ambassador

By becoming a Meta Lion Ambassador, candidates will have complete autonomy during the term, attractive bonuses, and investment opportunities in Blockchain projects, in addition:

  • Flexible time and does not require being physically present at the workplace
  • Attractive bounty levels (a total of 115% bonuses) based on successful cooperation with potential partners
  • Special investment opportunities in Blockchain projects
  • Opportunities to prove yourself and become an official member of Meta Lion Ventures
  • Thoroughly trained in Marketing, Technology & Community… in the Blockchain industry and also developed skills in planning project collaboration
  • Gain more experience and background in the international market to achieve a long-term career
  • CV enrichment.

5. Application Process

To become a Meta Lion Ambassador, candidates will take part in the major phase of our assessment process.

  • Online application: Simply submit basic personal information and share your CV with us to email with the subject “Meta Lion Ambassador 2022 – Full name

Join our Meta Lion Ambassador Program to receive exclusive benefits, improve personal skills & earn massive investment opportunities!


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