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Assisting Blockchain projects to bring their cryptocurrencies to the Top Crypto Listing.

Meta Lion Ventures
Detailed Listing Supports For Crypto Projects

Our experts will make sure your projects are listed on Top Exchanges (including Metaverse crypto list, DeFi crypto list, Web3 crypto list, etc). We help your project in interacting with large exposure of trading activities based on our close connection to all major exchanges in Blockchain (such as Coinbase crypto list, crypto launchpad list).

We can cover a large area of new crypto listings network for your coins/tokens. We are partnered with more than the Top 30 Crypto Listing platforms where investors rely on & check for new crypto listed.

Our Listing Support allows your tokens to be accessible to millions of investors worldwide. This action will bring your tokens/coins to the public and directly impact the token’s price & other upcoming crypto listings.

We will submit all necessary information on the registration forms & contact suitable listing crypto exchanges for your project. We work on policies, terms, and a crypto listing calendar to successfully list your tokens.

We take concrete steps to list your tokens at affordable crypto exchange listing fees, then find and filter out the best crypto listing sites. We will thoroughly solve the arising problems in the contact process.

Our Audit certificate is acceptable with major crypto dex list platforms. We can handle the audit process in a short period by our reputed name in the Crypto world for security and consistency.

Our Blockchain development team will take care of all the technical issues and complete the process for coin listing. We will contact all exchange platforms (crypto launchpad list & DeFi crypto list) and meet their requirements & documents.

Our Reliable Listing Implementation Process

We take care of all the listing phases (also crypto exchange listing bot) from exchange selection to preparing applications to negotiating listing fees & launch. We are excited to introduce our crypto tokens list process:

We provide the criteria for your project to choose the right ones to list.

1. Timeline & Budget

This information is depended on your goals. You can apply for a crypto dex list or crypto launchpad list if you aim for a short listing phase. However, if your goal is to get listed on a top-tier exchange, you can consider your crypto prices list to spend. We will satisfy your specific needs to successfully list your tokens.

2. Avoiding scams & Fraud

We also prevent your project from fraud & scams. Examining volume, online reputation & website traffic are the ways to minimize the risks. We will materialize the analysis, make a list with your desired target exchanges, review in detail listing requirements, and search for feedback on the length & complexity of listing crypto.

This step involves reviewing all the requirements listed on each target exchange & compiling all the information required to complete the submission process.

Centralized exchanges, especially the top-tier ones, offer a ton of eligibility and legal requirements. Most such exchanges operate in regulated territories and simply want to protect their users by listing only quality projects. We will help your project to pass its requirements and meet the eligibility criteria.

Otherwise, in some exchanges, such as Binance, the chances to receive a reply after applying are quite small. So best to weigh your chances & time priorities before you go through their 70+ questions application process. Otherwise, we assist to solve all application requirements from diverse exchanges (ranging from 15-70+ questions).

The lengthiness of the application review depends on the exchange chosen. Centralized exchange, on average, is expected to wait 2-3 months for review, while for top-tier exchanges, it can be even more. We can help you with introductions to our network of partner exchanges & crypto market-making to speed up the review process and update the suitable crypto listing calendar.

After the acceptance of the project, further technical modifications need to be done for the listing process. Different exchanges may use different technology based on other blockchains, requiring compatible tokens to be issued. Therefore, we also handle all the technical issues from the listing process with our experiment experts.

We inform some of the important considerations every good cryptocurrency project must adhere to:

1. Share Regular Updates

Crypto exchanges are fond of projects that have inculcated the habit of sharing weekly/monthly updates with the general public.

2. Embed Native Ecosystems

Crypto exchanges prefer tokens that have compatibility with the exchange’s in-house chain.

3. Active Community

Nurturing an active community is considered a fair indication of a project’s long-term success.

Crypto projects receive full of advantages in the listing process by accessing our Crypto Exchanges Listing support. We are pleased to help your tokens successfully list on Top Exchange Platforms.

Relationship With Top Listing Platforms

Huobi GlobalKrakenBitfinex
BitrueUpbitCoinlist Pro
Hotcoin GlobalProBit GlobalBigONE
BullishBtcTurk PROBTSE
OpenLeverageKine ProtocolApolloX DEX
Perpetual ProtocolDeri ProtocoliZiSwap
Acala SwapJupiterMM Finance
SushiSwapSerum DEXBiswap
RaydiumDeFiChain DEXTraderJoe
SpookySwapNomiswapSaber DEX
DFX FinanceKLAYswapFstswap
Canto DexKyberSwap ElasticVVS Finance
ZigZag (Arbitrum)HelixWaves Exchange
MDEXDeFi KingdomsPangolin
ApeSwap1inch ExchangeBancor Network
Hermes ProtocolRef FinanceMaiar Exchange
OKx LaunchpadHuobi PrimeToken Tool by Bitbond
UFO GamingPylon ProtocolCateCoin
Poolz FinanceInfinity PadEmpire Capital
MahaDAOOxbull TechOneArt
ZeroSwapDxSale NetworkDLP Duck
CardstarterSuperLauncher DAOPolinate
LavaX LabsTosDisCardence
Prism NetworkMilkyWayExKuCoin Spotlight LaunchpadFTX IEOsAscendEX
Bybit LaunchpadBitMart LaunchpadPoloniex LaunchBase
CoinMetro InvestOKX JumpstartEXC Launchpad
Bitforex Turbo StarterProbit IEOLiquid
BgogoDigiFinex LaunchpadZB.COM
FoundationNifty GatewayTheta Drop
MintableAtomicMarketMyth Market
KnownOriginBakerySwapEnjin Marketplace
PortionAsync ArtDecentraland
ZoraInstitutMagic Eden NFTArt BlocksSolanart
FTX NFTLooksRareNBA Top Shot
PancakeSwap NFTsNFT ShowroomAtomicHub
Ghost MarketPlayDappThe Sandbox Marketplace
WAXX2Y2 NFTMyth Market
Genie NFTSorareSudoSwap
Draft Kings NFTTofu NFTGameStop

Samples Of Our Connected Platforms

1. Quick cryptocurrencies buying & selling

2. Over 1,520+ Cryptocurrencies available

3. Apps available for Android, iOS & Windows users

4. Copy Trading so you can copy the most successful investors

5. Several trading markets available

6. Trade with up to 125x leverage

7. Super-fast & accurate charts

8. Staking available for several cryptocurrencies

9. Range of deposit and withdrawal methods

10. Premium help center with multi-lingual support

11. Hassle-free platform with easy registration

12. Several programs available for extra earnings

1. Lowest exchange fees among all DEXs (charging a 0.1% trading fee).

2. Multiple referral programs (swap fees, farm rewards, launchpool rewards, lottery volume, etc).

3. Insurance Fund – Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU).

4. Attractive Community-oriented approach.

5. Transparent fee structure (no hidden charges).

6. Transaction fee rebates (giving back up to 70% of all trading fees in BSW).

7. Assorted farms & pools with lucrative APRs or APYs.

8. Audited by Certik (Biswap audit report).

9. Unique design, intuitive user interface & beginner-friendly.

10. Highly competent & committed team.

11. A winner of the Binance top 10 Most Valuable Builder II (MVBII) program.

12. Supported by Binance Labs through strategic investment & listed on Binance.

1. Over 330 coins and 530 trading pairs

2. Margin trading and options

3. Express interface

4. P2P exchange

5. Advanced charting tools

6. Advanced order types

7. Mobile & desktop friendly

8. In-app staking service

9. Loans offered

10. New project launch platform “Jumpstart”

11. Academy

12. Mining pools

13. In-house bridge

14. Native token with discounts

15. Broker for other exchanges

16. Decentralized finance services & smart wallet

1. Exclusive Art – KnownOrigin is selective in which artist they work with, cultivating a selection of quality digital artwork.

2. High Royalties – artists can enjoy 10% royalties on all future secondary sales of their hard work.

3. Supports multiple wallets – supports wallets that include the popular MetaMask and WalletConnect.

4. Clean and simple platform – easy to navigate, with clear listings & easy-to-read ownership history.

5. One of the oldest markets – launched in 2018, one of the first marketplaces in existence.

6. Allow artists to prove their rightful ownership of all digital art that they create.

7. Provide a smart platform interface for all work products.

8. The chain of custody is consistently and permanently maintained on all artwork.

9. Unparalleled level of transparency & security.

10. The custody history of the artwork can be viewed online by just about anyone.

11. KnownOrigin gives artists a secure way to showcase and sell their digital artwork.

12. The platform has a community in place and offers options for creating buzz and excitement over new art.

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Meta Lion

Meta Lion will bring success to your brand in the Crypto market through our in-depth Growth research, and systematized process with comprehensive efficiency. Our enthusiastic, creative, and passionate team is available to analyze thoroughly projects and refine the best values for partners and the community.

We hold the ability to deploy international multi-channel projects (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.) and experienced technical knowledge not only of “Crypto” (NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, Web3, Metaverse, etc). We also support tweaking the content in our partners’ native languages (USA, France, Russia, China, etc).

What are the essential bits of knowledge that Crypto Projects must know about Crypto Exchange Listing?


What is the role of Crypto Exchanges in Blockchain?

Crypto Exchanges are digital platforms where users can buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies. Most exchanges accept fiat currency (i.e. US dollars), and other cryptocurrencies to trade cryptocurrencies. Crypto Listing Exchanges are often considered the most secure way to store cryptocurrencies.

Why is Crypto listing necessary for Crypto projects?

To ensure the success of your token sale, it is important to list your token on Top Crypto Exchanges. This will give your token immediate exposure to a large audience and help your project build a strong user base. By listing your token on reputable exchanges, your project will also increase trust and legitimacy among potential investors.

What to do once Crypto projects applied for a token listing?

We provide the important considerations every good cryptocurrency project must adhere to:

- Share regular updates: Crypto exchanges are fond of projects that have inculcated the habit of sharing regular weekly/monthly updates with their general public.

- Embed native ecosystems: Crypto exchanges prefer tokens that have compatibility with the exchange’s in-house chain.

- Active community: Nurturing an active community is considered a fair indication of a project’s long-term success.

- Approved application: Exchanges are known to take a lot of time to sift through the applications and approve only those who adhere to the listing requirements.

Why should choose Meta Lion Ventures for Crypto Listing?

Listing crypto on an exchange, every Crypto projects need to go through a process called “listing.” This process can be difficult and expensive, as exchanges typically charge high crypto exchange listing fees.

Meta Lion Ventures has come up with a solution that aims to make the process of listing on an exchange easier and more affordable for token issuers. Our specialists know all the technical aspects of our publishing processes & fulfill all of your technical requirements.

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