Building Projects With Cutting-Edges Blockchain Technology

Offering a competitive advantage to our partners & building seamless Blockchain supports that are more transparent, secure, and reliable.

Major Elements In Blockchain Technology

We construct an ecosystem with complementing technologies for your project. These technologies can assist the customers in viewing the complete spectrum of the platform, ICO, Smart Contracts, and DApps development to achieve business benefits.

Digital Assets

The creation of a unique digital asset as a token enables you to trade with more liquidity & speed at a lower cost. We manage the full lifecycle of your digital assets in any form on a secure, scalable platform with risk & compliance programs.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Crypto wallets store your private keys, keeping your crypto safe and accessible. We support in building safe and secure crypto wallets with hot & cold storage features, allowing the exchange of various digital assets & currencies.

Decentralized Applications

Decentralized Applications (dApps) are built on blockchain to eliminate any central authority over the software while delivering operational and financial efficiencies. Therefore, our skilled technical team will help to design your finest dApp.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts can execute themselves by a predefined algorithm. They are considered a great way to replace repetitive operational procedures. We own the advanced technology to design your smart contract more conveniently, reliably & securely.

Our Professional Developers

We help Crypto projects to solve the complex in Blockchain Technology through our qualified Blockchain Developers who have excellent skills.

Blockchain Architecture

Our Blockchain developers fully understand how blockchain works and the architecture on which it’s based. They are well versed in concepts such as cryptography, consensus, hash functions, distributed ledgers, smart contracts, and other concepts. They are also familiar with the four types of blockchain architecture: consortium, private, public, and hybrid.


Effective cryptography is essential to providing a secure blockchain environment. Therefore, our developers have a strong foundation in cryptographic concepts and practices, including wallets, keys, and digital signatures. They know how to use public-key cryptography to prevent unauthorized access to data and understand the differences between cryptographic hash functions.

Data Structures

The entire blockchain network consists of data structures. Our Blockchain developers are routinely working with data structures & understand how the blockchain network uses them. They are also familiar with the various types of data structures, such as graphs, heaps, hash trees, Patricia trees & Merkle trees.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts have become a staple of blockchain implementations. Our developers have a thorough understanding of what they are & how they enforce business logic. They are knowledgeable about the programming languages commonly used for smart contracts, like Solidity or Chaincode.

Web Development

Blockchain & web development go hand in hand, especially with blockchain’s emphasis on decentralized applications. Our developers were experienced in all aspects of web development. They know how to design and develop web applications and also understand the technologies that support these applications & what it takes to optimize and secure them.

Programming Languages

Blockchain technologies often use different programming languages, depending on the platforms used to implement the blockchain environments. Our developers understood proficient knowledge of some languages which are Java, C++, Python, and JavaScript. They also have a strong foundation in object-oriented programming and are familiar with an assortment of development libraries & frameworks.

Connections and technical tools

XDC NetworkStellarSolana
CardanoPolkadotHedera Hashgraph
RippleQuorumHyperledger Iroha
Chainalysis KYTIBM BlockchainVelas
Oracle Blockchain Cloud ServiceBlockstreamSwirlds
TangleAvalancheHyperledger Fabric
Hyperledger SawtoothTezosTron DAO
HackenConsenSys DiligenceCertiK
Trail of BitsKudelski SecurityPWC Switzerland
PeckShieldRuntime VerificationCallisto Network
ImmuneBytesBlockchain Labs NZBlockSoftLab
Bloqchain AuditCM Blockchain Security CenterCoinFabrik
CoinMercenaryDecenterHAECHI AUDIT
QuillHash TechnologiesSmartdecSolidified
Solidity FinanceSomishSOOHO
Validity LabsVerichains LabZK Labs
HashExMENA SoftwarePapers
Sigma PrimeSmartaudit24Kaspersky Smart Contract Audit
Remix IDEManticoresFuzz

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Meta Lion

Meta Lion will bring success to your brand in the Crypto market through our in-depth Growth research, and systematized process with comprehensive efficiency. Our enthusiastic, creative, and passionate team is available to analyze thoroughly projects and refine the best values for partners and the community.

We hold the ability to deploy international multi-channel projects (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.) and experienced technical knowledge not only of “Crypto” (NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, Web3, Metaverse, etc). We also support tweaking the content in our partners’ native languages (USA, France, Russia, China, etc).

What are the most concerning questions from Crypto Users about Blockchain Technology?


What are the most popular features of Blockchain Technology?

The decentralized nature is one of the most popular features of Blockchain Technology. This means that any central authority does not control the network, and instead is maintained by a network of computers that are all running the blockchain software.

Another common feature of blockchain technology is its immutability. Once data is added to the blockchain, it cannot be changed or removed. This makes it an ideal platform for storing sensitive data as it cannot be tampered with.

Finally, blockchain technology is also known for its transparency. Data added to the blockchain can be seen by anyone on the network. This makes it easier to track your data and make sure it hasn't been tampered with.

What are our actions in Blockchain Technology Development?

We aim to build essential applications that include identifying a need, designing the software, coding it, and testing for the issues.

Following are some of the activities that are performed by Meta Lion:

- We develop digital solutions to the problems of a consumer. These solutions are full-scale software that is designed and developed to meet the needs of businesses.

- We produce useful programs that perform beneficial actions for potential consumers. We usually develop software that can perform multiple functions.

- We provide technical insights and consultation, and research ways to elevate our client’s businesses with our technical expertise in different technologies.

How much time does it take to develop a Blockchain Technology solution?

We state that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the time it takes a blockchain development company to develop a solution will vary depending on the needs of a particular project.

In general, the process of implementing a custom blockchain technology solution typically takes weeks or months. The exact schedule will depend on factors such as the complexity of the project, the size of the development team, and experience with blockchain technology.

Why choose us for Blockchain Technology Development?

We are a blockchain development venture with a visionary team of full-stack developers and experienced designers who building technology solutions for businesses around the world.

Our core ideology is quality. We have delivered over 10 blockchain-based solutions to clients in different countries on all continents.

All our supported projects see the light of day after intensive research by our talented R&D team. They examine all areas of technology, finance, and marketing to develop the most scalable and sustainable business solutions.

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