Professional Crypto Community Management

Building and managing the community on all social media platforms (Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook,…)

The Importance Of Community Management

Community is “everything” and the drumbeat to ensure success for every phase of your project (ICO, IEO, STO, or exchange). Hence, we are well connected, our dedicated team will assist you in creating a thriving community to expand your Blockchain/Crypto project swiftly.

Steps To Create A Cohesive Community

Growth Strategies

To strengthen the base & network of Crypto projects, we construct distinctive Community & Social Media Growth strategies such as increasing monthly active users, maintaining an active community, and collaborating with well-established communities.

Community Administration

Our Community Managers will assign Admins and Moderators to manage and convert users into valuable investors & loyal members. They also handle 24/7 community support in answering inquiries, pinning posts, removing spam, and more.

Community Engagement

In Crypto Community & Social Media Management, our top priority is ongoing support and communication. Therefore, our Community Managers will host attractive events for users (Airdrop Campaigns, AMAs, Mini-games,…) to continuously keep an engaging & trustworthy community.

Content Planning & Creation

Meta Lion’s team will produce monthly content plans for multi-platforms (Telegram, Twitter & Discord,…). Our creative & informative content will establish a robust connection between the project and its users.

Shilling/Seeding Services

Our Admins & Moderators are well-trained in sending invitations to renowned Crypto Telegram groups. Then, they help your project engage the target audiences and also guarantee 300-500+/week live participants to join your Telegram group chat.

Weekly Reports

By intensive reports on every stage of the project, our Community Managers ensure organic and sustainable Crypto Community Growth. Based on our analysis, you will filter the necessary strategies to bolster community engagements in the maximum range.

Meta Lion Ventures
Main Factors Regarding Community Development

Meta Lion Ventures aims for the best-in-class user experience in Community Management. We can easily handle any potential conflicts or issues to aid your community in comprehensive growth.

We will turn the Crypto community’s potential into unique points to improve brand awareness and your project’s position. We guarantee your professional & comprehensive presence on all well-known social media platforms by sending invitations, and announcing the project’s insights,…

Our Crypto Community Managers ensure that your project’s information is on point in tone and delivered to participants. They hold the exhaustive knowledge & skills to drive the community members to trust and invest in the project for the long term.

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Meta Lion

Crypto Community Management

Meta Lion will bring success to your brand in the Crypto market through our in-depth Growth research, and systematized process with comprehensive efficiency. Our enthusiastic, creative, and passionate team is available to analyze thoroughly projects and refine the best values for partners and the community.

We hold the ability to deploy international multi-channel projects (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.) and experienced technical knowledge not only of “Crypto” (NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, Web3, Metaverse, etc). We also support tweaking the content in our partners’ native languages (USA, France, Russia, China, etc).

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What are related questions of Crypto Community Management?


How do we clarify the Community Management meaning?

Crypto Community Management involves providing support and administration for Crypto/Blockchain projects on social media platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Discord, etc. This includes the activities carried out by Community Managers to ensure a cohesive community through necessary actions and interactions.

Why Community Management is vital for Crypto Projects?

Crypto Community Management is essential for the success of any crypto project as it focuses on updating information, preventing spamming, providing technical support, and retaining members. By increasing member interest, Community Management can turn them into advocates and holders of your project, helping to build a strong and loyal community.

What are the Main Challenges Of Community Management?

Besides the multiple benefits of building a community, you will need to arm yourself with some of the grave challenges in Community Management. We provide the common challenges as follows:

- Lack of Motivation

- Content Experiments 

- Ensuring active member participation

- Building a sense of belongingness among members 

- Finding community members with similar objectives

- Making your group visible

- Finding the right Moderators

How To Manage A Crypto Community?

The right Crypto Community Management helps your project grow more quickly & efficiently. Crypto Managers can always fall back on some trusty tips which encourage cohesive communities. There are five essential notices before managing your own cryptocurrency groups or forums:

- Provide Multiple Levels Of Support

- Reward Your Community

- Collaborate With Other Crypto Projects

- Integrate With Third-Party Apps

- Know Your Community Members

- Exchange Ideas & Implement Member Feedback

What makes our Crypto Community Management different from others?

We provide comprehensive Crypto Community Management services, including shilling and seeding, on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Reddit, and LinkedIn. Our process is well-structured, systematic, and in-depth, ensuring that we can effectively manage and grow your community.

What are our achievements in Crypto Community Management?

Our Crypto Community Management services have been successful in supporting a diverse range of crypto projects, such as NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, Play-to-Earn, Web3, Metaverse, and more. Our collaborated projects have gained a large number of members, ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 users, and have earned their trust throughout every phase of the project.

Some of our notable projects include Pocoland (P2E), Elite Meta (Metaverse), One Peace NFT (NFTs Marketplace), AceStarter (Launch Pad), and many others. We are committed to delivering effective Crypto Community Management services to help our clients achieve their goals and build a strong and engaged community.

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