Top-Rated Blockchain / Crypto Influencer Marketing

Delivering systematic and practical Influencer Marketing for Crypto projects in all genres (P2E, M2E, Metaverse, NFTs Collection,…)

Maximizing Visibility With Marketing Steps

Data-driven Performance

We will maintain the project's position on top trends through our well-known Crypto Influencers. We also measure impact and attribution by detailed reporting on KPIs and ROI throughout your campaigns.

Custom Reporting

We analyze & provide quantitative data to help projects keep tracking Crypto Influencer Marketing. By closely monitoring Influencers, we will export the exact result in every phase of Marketing Campaigns.

SEO Content Creation

Based on our SEO-oriented strategy, Crypto Influencers own the ability to create cohesive & engaging content that features elevated search volume keywords.

Project Credibility

We increase the credibility of the project by connecting with popular influencers in Crypto. Those influencers will directly share reviews, comments & share details about the project.

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Fundamental Approach to Crypto Influencers

Best Opinion Shapers

In Crypto-verse, choosing the best Crypto Influencers is significant. We provide the defined Influencer list that can help projects counter-check specific attributes & determine the suitable influencer.

Authenticity & Relevance Influencer

Creating collaborations with Crypto Influencers will bring diverse audiences to your project. We access authentic Crypto Influencers who fit your project and are appreciated by the communities.

Influencer Statistics

Past follower counts, engagement rate & audience demographics are essential for choosing the fittest influencers. We will sort the best list of Crypto Influencers beneficial to your Marketing Campaign.

Development Phases

Crypto projects will be effectively promoted with the help of Crypto Influencers. We will transmit all the useful information of each phase to the influencers to distribute broadly (IDO, INO, IFO, STO, ICO, etc).

Large Network Around The Globe

Collecting Target Audiences In Top Crypto Countries

Broad Connection of Crypto Influencers

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Crypto ZombieTone VaysBoxMining
Andreas AntonopolousCrypto Capital VentureAlessio Rastani
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Noaty CryptoJason PizzinoFaares Q
Marzell MoneyTheWolfofBitcoinsCryptoWendy
CryptoRevolutionCryptobudLouis Thomas
Nicholas MertenCamila RussoWhale Panda
Brian JungBitBoy CryptoJRNY Crypto
Sheldon EvansCryptoBusyDan Morehead
Dylan LeClairNatalie BrunellArthur Hayes
Samson MowJack MallersWendy O
Mike NovogratzMax KeiserGlassnode
Peter McCormackDan HeldWill Clemente
MM CryptoRaoul PalAsh WSB
Benjamin CowenTRex CryptoJohnny (cryptogodjohn)
Ran NeunerGirl Gone CryptoPentosh1
Crypto ApeBarby CryptoItsallrisky
Aleksandra HukTheCryptoDogTheMoon

Meta Lion

Crypto Influencer Marketing

Meta Lion will bring success to your brand in the Crypto market through our in-depth Growth research, and systematized process with comprehensive efficiency. Our enthusiastic, creative, and passionate team is available to analyze thoroughly projects and refine the best values for partners and the community.

We hold the ability to deploy international multi-channel projects (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.) and experienced technical knowledge not only of “Crypto” (NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, Web3, Metaverse, etc). We also support tweaking the content in our partners’ native languages (USA, France, Russia, China, etc).

Our Blockchain Media Partners

What are the most common questions brought to us about Crypto Influencers Marketing?


How do Crypto users define Influencer Marketing?

Crypto Influencer Marketing involves collaborating with influential individuals in the cryptocurrency space to publish social media content that promotes a blockchain brand. This form of marketing is particularly effective in raising awareness of ongoing marketing campaigns and increasing brand visibility within the crypto community.

What do Crypto Influencers do to promote Crypto projects?

Crypto influencers are key players in the cryptocurrency and blockchain niche, providing advice to their followers on new cryptocurrencies, platforms, and services. Collaborating with these influencers through Crypto Influencer Marketing can boost the credibility and legitimacy of your brand among the crypto community, helping to increase brand awareness and drive user engagement.

How to start the most effective Crypto Influencer Marketing?

From our years of experience creating effective Crypto Influencer Marketing campaigns, we present our tips to help Blockchain projects to excel as quickly as possible:

- Finding the right influencers based on your goals

- Considering an Ambassador program

- Frequently update quality social content

- Host weekly AMAs with your chosen influencer

What are the files of Crypto Influencer that Meta Lion Ventures own?

We hold the connection with groups of valuable influencers/thought leaders that can highlight your brand's position in Blockchain:

- Nano influencers: 1,000 – 10,000 followers

- Micro-influencers: 10,000 – 50,000 followers

- Mid-tier influencers: 50,000 – 500,000 followers

- Premium/Macro influencers: 500,000 – 1,000,000 followers

- Celeb/Mega influencers: >1,000,000 followers

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