Detail Instructions on How to Register Exchange

I. What is Exchange?, founded in 2013, is one of the world’s pioneering cryptocurrency exchanges, providing services connected to the trading of numerous main digital assets. It is regarded as one of the safest and most dependable worldwide cryptocurrency platforms, with over 10 million registered users, and is constantly listed among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges based on liquidity and trading volume on CoinGecko. has been confirmed by the Blockchain Transparency Institute’s (BTI) market surveillance study and has received a 4.8 rating from Forbes Advisor, making it one of the Best Crypto Exchanges in the UK for September 2022.

Beyond its centralized cryptocurrency exchange, has one of the largest collections of crypto assets as well as additional services such as decentralized finance, research and analytics, venture capital investment, wallet services, labs, and more.

Meta Lion Ventures proudly inform of the cooperation with exchange. Based on this strategic partnership, Meta Lion Ventures can fully bring the sponsorship for all connected Crypto projects.

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  • Benefits for Crypto users/projects when participating in our Affiliate Program:
  • Register & get a welcome bonus: $100 at signup, and a $5,500 bonus after successful trades.
  • Invite friends and earn rewards: Share a 40% reward and trading fee discount with friends.
  • Get $30 for the first deposit: Get $30 once completing the first deposit.

II. Highlights of Exchange offers a wide range of cryptocurrency services, including:

  • Spot Trading: This is the most fundamental feature that every exchange must have. It is essentially the buying and selling of various currencies, like BTC or ETH.
  • Margin Trading: It is quite similar to spot trading. The main distinction is that Margin Trading allows you to borrow more funds to leverage your position, whilst Spot Trading does not.
  • Derivatives Trading: Contracts between two or more entities whose values are determined by the performance of an underlying asset. Futures contracts, Options contracts, CBBC (Callable Bull/Bear Contracts), Warrant contracts, and Leveraged Tokens are all available for trading on
  • Flashswap (Convert): Convert between two cryptocurrencies quickly and without placing orders.
  • Trading Bot: Providing a variety of tactics for profit, sometimes conducted automatically by bots. Huobi Global only supports one Trading Bot strategy at the time of writing, which is Grid Trading (Automatically buy low sell high).
  • HODL & Earn: allows users to earn passive income by depositing cryptocurrency over a Fixed Term (a set amount of time) or Flexible Term (a wider range of possibilities), similar to how banks earn savings.
  • Structured Products: Pre-packaged assets that contain interest-linked assets and derivatives.
  • Auto-Investment: Set up to invest in particular crypto assets at predetermined periods.
  • Crypto Lending: Earn interest by lending your cryptocurrency.
  • Dual Currency Product: A non-principal protected structured saving product with high returns that employ two distinct crypto tokens. The product contains an optional callable feature that reduces the product’s risk in exchange for a lower payout.
  • Crypto Loan: Users can borrow cryptocurrencies directly from by providing collateral in the form of another cryptocurrency.
  • Margin Borrowing: Borrowing to increase your purchasing power by using your assets as collateral.
  • Liquidity Mining: Earn returns by providing liquidity to a pair of tokens on the marketplaces.
  • Lending & Single-Asset Vault: To earn yields, provide single-sided liquidity.
  • Cloud Mining: allows you to mine BTC utilizing cloud computing, which eliminates the need for hardware.
  • Slot Auctions: Take part in parachain auctions to get prizes.
  • Strategy Bot & Copy Trading: Create your trading strategy using trading bots, or mimic experienced traders’ tactics/trades.
  • NFT: An NFT marketplace created by and for
  • Startup: An IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) platform for low and mid-cap crypto assets.
  • Others: GateChain, Gate Grants, Gate Ventures, Institutional Services, Hipo DeFi,, and so on are all part of the GateChain ecosystem.

III. Exchange Reviews offers a plethora of advantages and benefits to traders and investors. This is what makes the exchange so popular in so many different nations. Here are the major advantages that provides to its users.

1. Advantages

  • Human customer service that is responsive (instead of chatbots on other platforms).
  • The most markets (2,399) and the third most cryptocurrencies are supported (1,427).
  • Ranking sixth in terms of exchange score and number of visitors.
  • Numerous functions and services are supported.
  • A fantastic exchange for cryptocurrencies.
  • CER ranks it as one of the top cybersecurity exchanges.

2. Disadvantages

  • The user interface is rather hostile, which might lead to a tough trading experience.
  • Although its security was highly valued, it was hacked in 2019. As a result, its present security situation is a major concern.
  • In the United States, it is no longer supported.

IV. How to register an account on Exchange

Meta Lion Ventures would like to guild Crypto users on how to create an account on and use all of its features.

Step 1: Create an account

  • Firstly, you can visit their website via the link below:

  • You have two options here: either create a new account or sign in using your Google account. The former option will be used as an example by Meta Lion Ventures.
  • Select your country of residence, then enter your email address and password before clicking “Create Account”
  • It is important to note that your password must be at least 8 characters long, cannot be a pure number, and cannot be just letters (case sensitive). It cannot hold your email at the same time.

  • Your email address will get a confirmation message. To validate your account, click the link in your email (and double-check that it is genuine).

  • After you’ve validated, log in to your account by entering your credentials and selecting “Log in”

  • A code will be sent to your email. Enter the code and click on “Log in” to complete the sign-up process.

Step 2: Complete identity verification (KYC 1)

  • The first step after making an account is to confirm your identity (KYC). This will enable more features and allowances for your account.
  • KYC is an abbreviation for “Know Your Customer.” It is a procedure used by financial companies to confirm the identification of their customers. It assists businesses in establishing trust with their consumers by verifying that they are who they claim to be.
  • Point to the human icon on the main page and select “KYC (Identification)”.

  • You will be able to authenticate your identity as a person or as a corporation. If you are not utilizing under the name of your company, as most of us do, you need to authenticate as an individual. Meta Lion Ventures will also take the first option as an example.
  • Click on “Verify Now”

  • You must now fill out the following information:
  • Country/Region.
  • Full Name.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Identity Document Type: National ID, Passport, or Driver’s License.
  • ID number: The ID number of your document.
  • When you’re finished, click “Confirm and Submit”

  • Your initial identification has been performed. You will have to wait for a while before proceeding to the second section.

Step 3: Enable 2FA (Two-factor authentication)

  • 2FA, commonly known as two-factor authentication, provides an additional layer of protection to your account. On, you may get SMS using your phone number or the code from Google Authenticator for 2FA. Meta Lion Ventures strongly advises the latter choice because it is now one of the most popular and secure options for 2FA.
  • Point to the human icon on the main page and select “Security Verification”.

  • Click on “Immediate Binding”

  • Continue by clicking “Click here”

  • Set up your Google Authenticator by following the instructions.
  • When you are finished, select “Enable Two-factor Authentication”

Step 4: Complete KYC 2 Verification (Verification Plus)

  • When you finish enabling 2FA, your KYC 1 (Identity verification) will most likely have been validated, and you may go on to the following verification phase, KYC 2.
  • Point to the human icon on the main page and select “KYC (Identification)”.

  • Click on “Verify Now”

  • You will be needed to input the following information in this step:
  • Country of Residence
  • State/Province
  • City
  • Street
  • Postal Code
  • Following that, you must attach images of your document, including the front and back sides.
  • Once you’ve completed all of the steps, click “Confirm and Submit”

  • You must now go through the face recognition procedure. This may be done on a computer or a mobile phone (with the app).

  • When you’re finished, you’ll have to wait for to validate your submission, which is identical to the KYC 1 procedure.

Step 5: Set up Fund Password

  • Every time you interact with your money, you must enter your Fund Password. This is done to guarantee that your money is always safe and that no one else may make changes to them.
  • To set up the Fund Password, go to the home page and click the human image, then choose “Security Verification”

  • Click on “Setup”

  • Enter your chosen Fund Password, and an email code, and then click “Confirm & Modify”
  • Please keep in mind that after setting the Fund Password, withdrawal and P2P are blocked for 24 hours.

V. How to use Exchange

1. How to deposit into Exchange

  • Point to “Wallet” on the main page and choose “Funds Overview”

  • Click on “Deposit”

  • Choose the token you want to deposit, and the blockchain network you want to send it from. Meta Lion Ventures will use USDT (Tether) as an example token and Tron/TRC20 as an example blockchain.
  • The deposit address will now show up. Send the chosen token from the correct blockchain network to this address. When your transaction is finalized, your assets will appear on

2. How to withdraw from Exchange

  • The withdrawal method is quite identical to the deposit process. Point to “Wallet” on the main page and choose “Funds Overview”

  • Select “Withdraw”

  • Choose the token you wish to withdraw and input your withdrawal address, network, and withdrawal amount. Before removing your assets, you must additionally complete three security requirements:
  • Password for the Fund The next section will teach you how to create a Fund Password: Create a Fund Password.
  • Take an email code by clicking on “Send Email Code”
  • TOTP (Google Authenticator): Obtain a code from Google Authenticator.
  • When you’re finished, click “Submit request” Your request will be handled right away or within a few hours.

3. How to exchange cryptocurrencies on Exchange

  • You may purchase and sell cryptocurrency on using a credit/debit card, a bank transfer, or peer-to-peer trading. As an example, Meta Lion Ventures will use a credit/debit card.
  • Point to “Buy Crypto” on the main page and select “Credit/Debit Card”

  • Enter the transaction details, choose a service provider, check the box “I have read and accepted the disclaimer,” and then click “Purchase

VI. How to trade on Exchange

1. Spot Trading

  • Point to “Trade” on the main page and pick “Spot Trading” You can select either the ordinary or professional version; either is acceptable. The standard interface will be used as an example by Meta Lion Ventures.

  • The spot trading interface will appear. By picking them from the left column, you may purchase and sell various crypto assets.

2. Margin Trading

  • On the main page, click “Trade” and then “Margin Trading” You can choose either the ordinary or professional version. Meta Lion Ventures will use the standard interface as an example.

  • The interface for margin trading will appear. You will have several possibilities while trading on margin:
  • Cross margin or isolated margin.
  • Leverage: 10x for isolated margins and 3x for cross margins.
  • To construct a leverage position for margin trading, you must borrow some cash. When you end the position, you must repay all of them, as well as the interest.

3. Derivatives Trading

  • There will be several derivatives trading choices, and Meta Lion Ventures will use USDT-M Futures contracts as an example. Point to “Trade” on the main page and pick “USDT-M Futures”

  • The futures contract interface will appear. You may adjust the contract and leverage in the upper left corner (from 1x to 100x).

  • Before getting started with derivatives trading, here are some pointers on how to utilize leverage in cryptocurrency in general, and futures in particular:
  • Leverage should be adjusted based on the risk/reward ratio.
  • To limit loss and enhance profits, use stop-loss, and take-profit orders.
  • Rather than constructing a long-term position, use leverage and technical analysis to profit from a small rally/sell-off.

4. Strategy Bot

  • Point to “Bot & Copy Trading” on the main page and pick “Strategy Bot”

  • Select an appropriate strategy before clicking “Create” As an example, Meta Lion Ventures will use a random technique.

  • Enter all of the necessary information, then click “Create”

5. Copy Trading

  • Point to “Bot & Copy Trading” on the main page and select “Copy Trading”

  • Select the person you wish to copy, then click “Copy” As an example, Meta Lion Ventures will use a random person.

  • You must first sign the Copy Trading Agreement. Click “OK” after checking the box “I’ve read and agreed to the above agreement”

  • You may utilize Quick Copy to just copy the trader’s methods, or Advanced to tailor their plans to your needs. The former option will be used as an example by Meta Lion Ventures. Enter the amount of cash to deploy as well as the level of leverage, then click “Quick Copy”

VII. How to earn on Exchange

1. Earn

  • On, there are several methods to make money. Point to “Earn” on the main page to view all of the available possibilities.
  • Choose the one that best fits your needs. More information about these features may be found in the section above:’s main offerings. HODL & EARN will be used as an example by Meta Lion Ventures.

  • HODL & Generate allows you to reward passive income by depositing cryptocurrency for a Fixed Term (a set amount of time) or Flexible Term (more diversified possibilities), similar to how banks earn savings.
  • Choose the best plan and token for you, then click “Subscribe” As an example, Meta Lion Ventures will select one at random.

  • Enter the amount you wish to invest and then click “Subscribe”

2. Loan

  • Point to “Earn” on the main page to see two loan options: Crypto Loan and Margin Borrowing. Crypto Loan will be used as an example by Meta Lion Ventures.

  • Choose the best token and term for you, then click “Borrow” As an example, Meta Lion Ventures will use a random one.

  • Enter the loan amount, choose the collateral asset, and then click “Confirm Loan” The collateral will be withdrawn from your spot account and reimbursed when you repay.

3. Mining

  • On the main screen, choose “Earn” and you’ll discover four mining possibilities. Choose the best one for you. Meta Lion Ventures will use Liquidity Mining as an example.

  • Choose the token pair for which you wish to add liquidity and click “Add Liquidity” Meta Lion Ventures will use a random one as an example.

  • Enter the amount you wish to offer liquidity for, check the box “I have read, understood, and agreed to the Gate mining service agreement” and then click “Add”

VIII. Exchange App Download features an app for almost every platform, including iOS and Android on mobile and Windows and Mac OS on desktop.

1. on Mobile

2. on Desktop

IX. FAQs about Exchange

  • What is Exchange’s background?

Lin Han created, one of the first Chinese bitcoin exchanges, in 2013. The exchange was hacked for 7,000 BTC in 2015. The coins were taken from the company’s cold wallets. was the name of the exchange until 2017. When the Chinese government outlawed fiat-to-crypto trade in 2017, it was compelled to rebrand as It discontinued fiat cryptocurrency trading pairings and shifted its focus to crypto-to-crypto and Chinese yuan OTC transactions.

  • What are the fees that charges? charges a trade cost of just 0.2%. A deposit or withdrawal is free of charge.

  • Is Exchange trustworthy? is regarded as one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges owing to its cybersecurity procedures, which include cold wallet storage to safeguard customers’ cash. They also feature a plethora of security options you may employ to safeguard the security of your accounts, such as 2FA, anti-phishing code, login verification, and a different fund-withdrawal password from your login.

  • Is a good choice for beginners? is undoubtedly an excellent alternative for newbies because of the rapid purchase and sell option and the variety of trading tactics available. New traders may just use regular trading to learn everything without dealing with the professional parts. After a period on, you will progressively move to be a more skilled trader, and you will be able to utilize the platform’s more complex tools and markets.


Despite being a relative newcomer to the world of cryptocurrency exchanges, is off to a solid start, with a diverse choice of tokens for trade and new ones being introduced on a regular basis. The trading capabilities and charting aren’t the finest, but they’re adequate, and there are several features that aren’t available on more established platforms.

While the site is available in English, it is unfortunate that merchants from the United States and Canada are not accepted. Despite being incorporated in the United States, it appears that the exchange caters to Chinese and Korean merchants. It’s also worrisome that the crew behind is unknown, and that the exchange appears to be going to any length to stay entirely unregulated. These worries may cause traders to avoid significant deals on, but it remains appealing for listing difficult-to-find coins.

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