Detail Instructions on How to Register Huobi Exchange

I. What is Huobi Exchange?

Crypto Exchange Huobi Global to be Acquired by About Capital

Huobi is a major cryptocurrency trading exchange situated in the Seychelles that was launched in China in 2013. The exchange’s parent firm has expanded substantially, with offices in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and the United States. In 2018, the firm went public in Hong Kong.

Huobi Global is regarded as a secure and trustworthy platform for purchasing, trading, storing, earning, and selling 600+ digital currencies. With over 60 payment options for converting fiat to crypto, the exchange serves tens of millions of users in over 195 countries worldwide.

Meta Lion Ventures proudly inform of the cooperation with Huobi exchange. Based on this strategic partnership, Meta Lion Ventures can fully bring the sponsorship for all connected Crypto projects.

II. Highlights of Huobi Exchange

Huobi Global offers a wide range of cryptocurrency services, including:

  • Spot Trading: Spot Trading is the most fundamental feature that every exchange must have. It is essentially the buying and selling of various currencies, like BTC or ETH.
  • Margin Trading: Spot trading and Margin Trading are quite similar. The main distinction is that Margin Trading allows you to borrow more funds to leverage your position, whilst Spot Trading does not.
  • Derivatives Trading: Derivatives are financial contracts between two or more parties, the value of which is determined by the performance of an underlying asset. Futures and options contracts are among the derivatives traded on Huobi Global.
  • Trading Bot: Trading Bot offers a variety of profit-making tactics, many of which are done automatically by bots. Huobi Global only supports one Trading Bot strategy at the time of writing, which is Grid Trading (Automatically buy low sell high).
  • Brokerage (OTC): Huobi Brokerage offers institutional and high net-worth clients throughout the world digital asset financial services with guaranteed security and compliance through two primary features: OTC (Over The Counter) Trading and Lending.
  • Staking: Earning dividends by temporarily locking up cryptocurrency is possible with staking. Huobi Global now supports 11 assets for staking.
  • Primepool: Primepool enables users to lock crypto assets to get free airdrops. You may, for example, lock HT tokens to obtain STF, SKU, or TALK of your choosing.
  • Polkadot Parachain Slot Auction: Polkadot (DOT) Parachain Slot Auction is a parachain auction in which projects bid to win a Parachain slot on the Polkadot network.
  • Huobi Earn: Similar to earning passive income through banks, Huobi Earn provides Flexible Earnings and Fixed Earnings by depositing cryptocurrency over a certain period.
  • ETH 2.0: Huobi Global is now offering ETH 2.0 Beacon Chain Genesis Mining: Stake ETH to get BETH and earn yields by holding BETH.
  • Crypto Loans: Users can borrow cryptocurrency with collateral from Huobi Global directly.
  • Huobi Group ecology: Huobi is more than simply an exchange; it has a whole ecosystem supporting it, including Huobi Pool, Huobi Chat, Huobi Wallet, and Huobi blockchain (HECO),…

III. Huobi Exchange Reviews

1. Advantages

  • Support for a wide range of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
  • Own several markets, particularly 1127 – rated first.
  • Have a variety of services and instruments.
  • Worldwide availability.
  • Create new items that will assist the CEX’s development, such as ventures, blockchain, research, and so on.
  • Excellent trading experience and customer service.

2. Disadvantages

  • Not accessible in the United States.
  • The trading volume is not as high as that of other top-tier CEXs on the market.

IV. How to register an account on Huobi Exchange

In this section, Meta Lion Ventures will guide you through the process of creating an account on Huobi Global so that you may explore and utilize it on your own.

1. How to create a Huobi Exchange account

  • You will now be given the option of signing up through email or phone number. Choose the best option for you and click “Sign Up”. As an example, Meta Lion Ventures will sign up using a phone number.
  • Remember that your password must have at least 8 characters and cannot be entirely made up of digits.

  • To verify, hold and move the slide to the right.

  • Enter the verification code that was emailed or texted to you.

You have successfully registered with Huobi Global Exchange.

2. How to enable 2FA on Huobi Exchange

  • Enabling 2FA (two-factor authentication) will strengthen the security of your account. Point to the human image on the main page and select “Account & Security”.

  • You will be given 2 options: GA Verification or Email Verification. The former option will be used as an example by Meta Lion Ventures.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions before clicking “Submit”.

3. How to complete Huobi Global KYC Verification

You must complete the KYC Verification to improve the security of your account and unlock all account limitations.

  • Point to the human icon on the main page and select “Identification”.

  • You will be offered 2 verification options: Personal or Institutional.

Apart from the requirement for company trading, the bulk of customers are individual traders, hence Personal Verification is frequently the best option. This choice will also be used as an example by Meta Lion Ventures.

  • Click on “Verify Now”.

  • Continue by selecting “Verify”.

  • Select your nation or area, then click “Confirm”.

  • To verify your identification, choose an ID document (ID card, passport, or driver’s license) and then click “Verify”. If your computer lacks a camera, use your phone to scan the QR Code at the bottom right and continue.

After that, it will take anything from 5 minutes to 6 hours for your KYC to be completed. Once your account has been validated, you will be verified.

V. How to use Huobi Exchange

1. How to deposit into Huobi Exchange

  • Point to “Balances” on the main page and choose “Spot Account”

  • Select “Deposit”

  • Select the token to deposit and the blockchain network from which to transfer it. Then, choose “Send Deposit Address”

  • The deposit address will be delivered to your mobile phone, which you may then cross-reference with the address on the website. Click “Confirm”

  • The deposit address will now be shown. To this address, send the selected cryptocurrency from the proper blockchain network. When your transaction is complete, your assets will be visible on Huobi Global.

2. How to withdraw from Huobi Exchange

  • The withdrawal method is quite identical to the deposit process. Point to “Balances” on the main page and choose “Spot Account”

  • Select “Withdraw”

  • Some advice will appear before you may withdraw. Tick the checkbox and then click “Confirm”

  • Choose the token you wish to withdraw, input your withdrawal address, network, and withdrawal amount, and then click “Withdraw”

3. How to buy & sell crypto on Huobi Exchange

On Huobi Global, there are several ways to buy and sell tokens. For example, you may immediately trade fiat cash for a certain cryptocurrency. 

  • On the main page, click “Buy Crypto” and then “Quick Buy/Sell”

  • You may purchase cryptocurrencies with Fiat using one of three payment methods: Credit/Debit Card, Third-party, or Peer-to-Peer.

VI. How to trade on Huobi Exchange

1. Spot Trading

  • Point to “Spot Trading” on the main page and choose “Spot Trading”.

  • The spot trading interface will appear. By picking them from the left column, you may purchase and sell various crypto assets.

2. Margin Trading

  • Point to “Spot Trading” and choose “Margin” from the main page.

The margin trading interface will appear. You will have several possibilities when it comes to margin trading:

  • Isolated margin or cross margin
  • Automatic loan, automatic repayment, or standard mode are all options
  • Leverage ranges from 3x to 5x

3. Trading Bot 

  • Point to “Spot Trading” on the main page and pick “Trading Bot”

  • The trading bot’s UI will appear. You will have two options: utilize AI to handle your finances automatically or set it up manually. If you select the latter, provide a price range for the trading bot to buy low and sell high for your chosen asset.

4. Derivatives Trading

  • Point to “Derivatives” on the main page. There will be other possibilities available to you, and Meta Lion Ventures will use futures contracts as an example. Select “Coin-margin Futures”

The futures contract interface will appear. Before you begin trading, here are some pointers on how to utilize leverage in cryptocurrency in general, and futures in particular:

  • Leverage should be adjusted based on the risk/reward ratio.
  • To limit the loss and enhance profits, use stop-loss, and take-profit orders.
  • Rather than constructing a long-term position, use leverage and technical analysis to profit from a small rally/sell-off.

Huobi Global offers up to 200x leverage on assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), which is among the highest leverage levels offered by any existing CEX.

VII. How to earn on Huobi Exchange

You may earn money with cryptocurrencies in a variety of ways on Huobi Global. Here are a few of the most prevalent approaches.

1. Staking

  • Point to “Finance” and then “Staking” on the main page.

  • A list of available tokens will appear. Choose which one you wish to stake. SCRT will be used as an example by Meta Lion Ventures. Click “Stake now”

  • Enter the number of tokens you wish to stake, then click “Stake now”

2. Primepool

  • Navigate to “Finance” and choose “Primepool” from the main page.

  • Change the title to “New Token List”

  • There will be several alternatives available. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

3. Huobi Earn

  • Navigate to “Finance” and choose “Huobi Earn” from the main page.

  • Select between Featured (promo offers) or Prudent (normal offers). While promotional offers provide higher APY, the quantity of assets is restricted and only exists for a limited time. As an example, Meta Lion Ventures will use Prudent.

  • A list of several cryptocurrencies will be displayed. Select the token you want, as well as the duration (days), and then click “Deposit Now”. As an example, Meta Lion Ventures will use USDT with a 14-day period.

  • Enter the quantity of tokens to deposit, check the box “I have read and agreed to the Huobi Earn Contract”, and then click “Next”

4. Crypto Loans

  • Navigate to “Finance” and then “Crypto Loans” on the main page.

The interface for cryptocurrency loans will appear. Here, you must perform the following tasks:

  • Choose a token to borrow. Enter the amount you wish to loan.
  • As collateral, choose the token.
  • Choose a loan length of 30 days, 45 days, or 90 days.
  • Select the “User Service Agreement” checkbox.
  • When you’ve completed all of them, click “Borrow Now”

5. Dual Investment

Huobi Dual Investment is a high-yielding non-principal-protected structured saving instrument incorporating USDT and another currency. The product contains an optional callable feature that reduces the product’s risk in exchange for a lower payout.

  • Navigate to “Finance” and choose “Dual Investment” from the main page.

  • To begin, you must create an Options account on Huobi Global. Click the “Confirm to open”.

  • Navigate to the “Dual Investment” tab.

  • Various option contracts will be displayed. The first option will be used as an example by Meta Lion Ventures. Select “Purchase now”

  • Enter the purchase amount and optionally select a callable price, then click “Buy”

Before engaging in dual investing, keep in mind that this is a sophisticated method for experienced users. If you are unfamiliar with the method and how dual investment works, Meta Lion Ventures strongly advises you to study more before investing any money.

VIII. Huobi Exchange App Download

Huobi features an app for almost every platform, including iOS and Android on mobile, Windows and mac OS on the desktop.

1. Huobi on Mobile

  • iOS

  • Android

2. Huobi on Desktop

IX. FAQs about Huobi Exchange

  • How does Huobi work?

Huobi’s digital asset trading platform allows users to buy and sell spot bitcoin, cryptocurrency futures, and options. There is also cryptocurrency staking and lending through an OTC marketplace.

Payment can be done via any of the 98 ways listed or using cryptocurrency currencies. Buying and selling are simple and take only a few clicks.

  • What are the Huobi fees and commissions?

Huobi charges a flat fee of 0.2% that changes depending on your trading volume and the quantity of Huobi Token (HT) in your account.

The lower the costs, the more tokens are held. In addition to the aforementioned General Tiered Fee structure, Huobi additionally provides a professional trader-tiered fee system with variable rates of maker and taker fees based on the volume traded and HT owned.

Trading incurs no inactivity or other costs. The basic fee rate is greater than on other exchanges, however, by holding HT tokens, the rates may be reduced to competitive levels.

  • Which languages are supported by Huobi?

Huobi is now accessible in 8 languages, with more being added regularly.

Huobi, for example, recently introduced the Turkic language. It is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • Turkish
  • Is Huobi Exchange a secure platform?

According to several internet evaluations and our study, the security measures utilized by the Huobi exchange platform are highly constructed, as one would expect from a large and finest crypto exchange like Huobi. The exchange is designed on a professional distributed architecture with an anti-DDOS system, and about 98% of its clients’ funds are housed in multi-signature offline cold storage wallets, which adds further protection. There have been no reports of cybersecurity intrusions against the crypto exchange since its inception.

Huobi is a trustworthy and reputable cryptocurrency exchange that caters to the highest conventional standards, and worldwide financial & cryptocurrency marketplaces.


Since 2013, Huobi has been a major cryptocurrency exchange with exceptional features and services, security, a mobile app, and cheap trading costs. The user interface supported currencies, and the choice of trading pairings will appeal to the majority of altcoin investors. There are several financial instruments available to investors to help them enhance their portfolios, such as borrowing and lending to earn crypto income and staking for coin rewards.

Overall, Huobi Global is a trustworthy and secure cryptocurrency platform for professional cryptocurrency traders. Retail and professional traders are drawn to the level of market liquidity across their trading pairings, including BTC/USD and ETH/USD. Huobi is the whole package for crypto aficionados, offering a wide range of services and products to purchase, trade, sell, earn, store, and stake.

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