Detail Instructions on How to Register Kraken Exchange

I. What is Kraken Exchange?

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Kraken is one of the world’s oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, having been in operation in the United States since 2011. Over 185 different cryptocurrencies may be bought, sold, and traded using a variety of fiat currencies, and they include features such as staking, margin trading, and futures contracts. Kraken is one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, serving traders all over the world; its success stems from low costs, the convenience of use, and outstanding safety and regulatory procedures.

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II. Kraken Exchange Features

1. Trading Fees

There are various expenses associated with using Kraken’s Instant Buy option, which may appeal to newbies who are unfamiliar with maker/taker models.

Instant Buy allows you to purchase cryptocurrency rapidly, but the costs are significantly greater than if you used the Kraken Pro trading platform. Users would benefit more from knowing how to use the trading platform to cut expenses.

The firm charges a fee of 0.9% for stablecoins and 1.5% for other cryptos when using Instant Buy. Users will also be charged a 0.5% processing fee if they use an online bank account to acquire their cryptocurrency. Other costs apply if you use a credit or debit card.

Fees for Kraken Pro users are significantly reduced. For trades of $50,000 or less, it charges a 0.16% maker fee and a 0.26% taker fee depending on activity during the prior 30 days.

The pricing tiers for Kraken Pro are shown in the table below:

30-Day Volume (USD) Maker Fee Taker Fee
Less than $50,000 0.16% 0.26%
$50,001 to $100,000 0.14% 0.24%
$100,001 to $250,000 0.12% 0.22%
$250,001 to $500,000 0.10% 0.20%
$500,001 to $1,000,000 0.08% 0.18%
$1,000,001 to $2,500,000 0.06% 0.16%
$2,500,001 to $5,000,000 0.04% 0.14%
$5,000,001 to $10,000,000 0.02% 0.12%
More than $10,000,000 0.00% 0.1%

2. Security

Cryptocurrencies have proven particularly vulnerable to hackers over the years, resulting in millions of dollars in lost coins. While the majority of hacked exchanges have repaid their clients for any lost value, you don’t want to end up at a crypto exchange with poor cybersecurity, which might leave your coins vulnerable to theft.

Kraken is dedicated to security, placing second on the crypto exchange security review site CER. Notably, Kraken has not had any big hacking incidents. Having stated that, there have been user complaints concerning Kraken on internet forums regarding hacked individual accounts.

Kraken not only claims safe currency storage (with 95% of deposits maintained offline in cold storage locations throughout the world) but also platform security. Its servers are housed in secure cages that are monitored around the clock by armed guards and video monitors.

In addition to physical security measures, Kraken encrypts all of your sensitive contact information at the system and data levels and conducts vulnerability testing on its own system on a regular basis. Kraken was recently honored with the CSO50 Award for its security initiatives.

3. Opening a Kraken Account

The Instant Buy platform might make Kraken a costly method to enter the crypto market, yet there are no entrance restrictions if you’re just starting started. You will be validated in a matter of minutes.

Obtaining authorization to use Kraken Pro might take several days since some documentation must be carefully examined.

After you’ve been authenticated, you may fill your account with fiat cash like US dollars and begin acquiring cryptocurrencies. To finance your account, the site supports credit cards and debit cards.

New investors may also be intimidated by Kraken’s presumption of customer knowledge; while the site does provide good instructional content, you’re essentially on your own when it comes to real investing.

While Kraken does function in the United States, it has some geographical limitations. Users in New York and Washington are unable to access the portal.

4. Cryptocurrencies Available on Kraken

In the United States, Kraken provides more than 120 cryptocurrencies. The following are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies traded on Kraken:

Coin Available on Kraken
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Cardano (ADA)
Solana (SOL)
Dogecoin (DOGE)
Polkadot (DOT)
Polygon (MATIC)

III. Kraken Exchange Reviews

As one of the most established cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, you would be correct in assuming Kraken has amazing features. There are several reasons why people choose Kraken, and here are a few of them:

1. Advantages

  • Simple to use

The most crucial aspect of any platform, software, or program is its ease of use. The architecture of Kraken makes it quite easy to explore the exchange platform for the first time.

The title and its ribbons are easy to identify and interpret since they are clean and basic. Everything can be accessed from the central dashboard, whether it’s the pricing of the many cryptos Kraken has to offer or the educational content that will help you get up to speed with your crypto expertise.

Making a deposit is one of the trickier aspects of getting started on a new exchange. Kraken makes it simple to create an address to which you may deposit funds on the site.

CoinDesk - Unknown

  • Affordable fees

Kraken, like most exchanges, charges fees when you buy cryptocurrencies. There are two ways to purchase cryptocurrency: Kraken Pro and Instant Buy. If you’re just getting started, the Instant Buy approach is the most user-friendly.

Cash-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto transfers are the simplest way to obtain cryptocurrency. You will, however, pay a 0.9% charge if you buy stablecoins with another stablecoin and up to 1.5% if you buy stablecoins using non-stablecoin crypto.

Fees apply when moving funds from your bank account to Kraken’s exchange. If you sent $100 to Kraken, you would receive $98 in cryptocurrency rather than the $100 you transferred.

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  • Security

Kraken will suit your demands if security is a high priority. It has a reliable verification method, two-factor authentication, and a global time lock setting for when you’re not using the platform.

Kraken has also begun to undertake proof of reserve audits, an industry-leading move to assist investors to verify their holdings. So far, 63% of holdings are audited: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, XRP, ADA, and DOT.

Furthermore, Kraken claims that 95% of its deposits are maintained offline in cold storage. The corporation also says that its services are constantly monitored by guards and technical monitoring technologies.

2. Disadvantages

  • Availability

The main area in which Kraken should improve is its availability across many jurisdictions. Investors in New York and Washington state, for example, are unable to use Kraken’s platform. Off-chain staking is not permitted in Germany or the United Kingdom.

This, of course, limits Kraken’s reach, and investors should check to see if Kraken’s services are available in their respective nations. If you live in one of such places, a lack of service is a major disadvantage.

  • Time-consuming Verification Process

After opening a new account and going through the verification procedure from beginning to end, the time required to be fully confirmed is not negligible. Although Kraken specifies how long each process should take, it usually takes longer than expected.

According to Kraken, the initial verification stage should take one to two minutes, however, it took closer to ten minutes until Kraken confirmed my papers. The exchange took almost an hour to complete its second verification stage, which was around 50 minutes longer than claimed.

Although this is a small point, it might be a disincentive for prospective investors wishing to join the exchange.

  • No Kraken Wallet

Finally, Kraken does not include a crypto wallet in its package. Many large exchanges, including Coinbase, provide a self-custody wallet that allows investors to retain control over their keys, data, and cryptocurrency. Kraken, however, does not. This is a disadvantage for those who seek total control over their money.

IV. How to register an account on Kraken Exchange 

The first step in using Kraken’s services is to create a Kraken account.

  • Visit the official Kraken website:
  • In the upper-right corner, click “Create Account”


  • Enter your email address, username, and a strong password on the signup form.

Note: The username cannot be changed.


  • Read Kraken’s “Terms of Service” & “Privacy Policy”, check the box that says “I agree” and then click the “Create account” button.
  • You should get an activation email with an activation key.
  • Enter your activation key on the account activation form, or complete the process by clicking the link in the email.


  • Confirm your password, if prompted, then click the “Activate Account” button.

You have successfully established your Kraken account and are now ready to begin.

V. How to get verified on Kraken Exchange

Verifying your account after it has been created allows cash to be deposited and transactions to be conducted.

  • Access your Kraken account.
  • In the upper-right corner of the page, click on your name.
  • Select “Get Verified”.


  • Select the account type you wish to apply for and click the “Verify” button.


  • The Express level is only accessible in the United States, except New York, Texas, Washington, and US territories abroad.
  • Each level provides additional funding possibilities and greater limitations, with Pro providing the most.

VI. How to deposit and withdraw crypto on Kraken Exchange

1. How to deposit into Kraken Exchange

Some cryptocurrencies can be transmitted over several networks. To deposit, complete these steps:

  • Log in to your Kraken account and select “Funding”.


  • Select “Deposit”.


  • Find the currency you want to deposit and click on it.


  • If this is your first time depositing, you must create a new deposit address. Click the option “Generate deposit address”.


  • Read the deposit criteria and cautions on each specific currency deposit page carefully.


  • Copy the address (and, if appropriate, any details*) and paste it into the wallet from which the payments will be sent. Do not hand-write the address.


  • When you begin a legitimate transaction from your wallet, the deposit will be credited to your account after the requisite number of confirmations is obtained.

2. How to withdraw from Kraken Exchange

You must first add and confirm the withdrawal address in order to withdraw cryptocurrency from your Kraken account. Then, follow these steps to withdraw”

  • Log in to your Kraken account and select “Funding”.


  • Select the “Withdraw” option.


  • Look for the currency you want to withdraw and click on it.


  • Choose an existing address or click the “Add Address” (“Add Account” for EOS) button to enter and confirm a new one.


  • In the Amount section, enter the amount you want to withdraw or click the percentage of your account balance in that currency. Make sure the amount you want to withdraw is greater than the minimum listed directly under this field, then click “Withdraw”.


  • Check that all of the information is correct before clicking “Withdraw”.


  • If you are prompted for an authenticator app code, you have 2FA for funding enabled on your account and must use the 2FA you configured for financing (this is different from your Sign-in 2FA).


  • If your withdrawal is successful, you will see a confirmation containing your withdrawal details and the withdrawal status on the right side box.

Note: you will not get an email confirmation of your withdrawal. View your recent transactions under the Funding tab to keep track of your withdrawal status.


VII. How to trade crypto on Kraken Exchange

1. Select currency pair

First, decide which assets you want to trade, such as buying Bitcoin with USD or selling Ethereum (ETH) for euros. When you’ve decided which pairings to trade, you may choose them from the ticker/quote bar in the top left corner of the Trade page.


The base currency is represented by the first currency in a pair, whereas the quote currency is represented by the second currency in a pair.

  • A Buy order involves paying the quotation currency and receiving the base currency.
  • A Sell order involves selling the base currency and receiving the quotation currency.

You may choose any of the trading pairs from here:


2. Complete the order form

After you’ve decided on your trading pair, navigate to the New Order page and choose the “Simple” form.


There are 3 text fields here, as well as the option to utilize a market or limit order. Before we enter values into these fields, we must first understand how a market or limit order works.

  • A Market order is intended for quick execution since it will match the limit orders that are currently on our order books. Market orders will always have a slightly higher cost known as a taker fee attached to them (the second percent beside your 30-day volume). With market orders, you can only specify the volume you want to purchase or sell, not the price.


  • When the market hits your limit price, Limit orders will execute at that price or better. Depending on when it executes, they may be liable to maker or taker fees. If a matched order already exists and is promptly executed, taker costs will be levied.


3. Submit order

Once you’ve selected whether you want a market or limit order, use the buttons to the left of the Total area to make your selection.

When everything seems fine, just hit the huge “buy/sell” button to be taken to an order confirmation screen where you may double-check your order.

If the Skip order confirmations option is ticked, this screen will be skipped.


Note: The order confirmation page will truncate (rather than round) the amount of cryptocurrency to spend/receive dependent on the pricing precision of that coin (rather than the volume precision). The order still includes the additional volume that is not visible.

4. Wait for order execution

If you choose a market order, the deal will be executed immediately and your balance will change. Funds can be withdrawn or utilized to trade immediately. The Orders page displays successfully completed (closed) market orders.

Limit orders may not be filled immediately, but their status may be seen on the Orders tab. In the example below, the BTC/USD price would need to hit $54,500 in order for the limit purchase order to be executed.

If your order has not yet been processed, you can cancel it by clicking the red x under New & Open Orders.


VIII. Kraken Exchange App Download

Kraken features an app with 2 mobile versions, including iOS and Android.

1. Kraken

2. Kraken Pro

IX. FAQs about Kraken Exchange

  • Does Kraken has Staking?

Crypto staking is a popular method of generating passive income from digital assets. Kraken offers incentives for your crypto holdings, with some offering up to a 23% yearly return. Users can choose to receive incentive payments twice a week or cancel at any time.

Bitcoin, Tezos, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Tron, and many other cryptocurrencies are presently accessible for staking. The majority of the cryptocurrencies mentioned are among the top crypto coins for staking. To begin staking, simply join up with a few clicks and pick your preferred coin.

  • What is Kraken’s Affiliate Program?

Kraken provides an affiliate program that rewards clients who assist attract new crypto users to the platform by paying them 20% of the trading fees paid by anyone they recommend to the site for the term they use Kraken. Spot transaction costs, margin opening fees, and margin rollover fees are all included in the fee computation.

Affiliate commissions are delivered straight to your bank account via bank transfer rather than cryptocurrency. The payment will be made in your default bank currency.

To be eligible, users must have at least 5,000 followers on a financial or cryptocurrency-related social media account (a Facebook group with this number of followers will also serve). Users may also utilize any quantity of traffic on a financial or cryptocurrency-related website or mobile app.

  • What are the transaction fees for Kraken?

The Kraken Fee per transaction is 1.5% when placing Buy, Sell, or Convert orders using the Buy Crypto widget. The cost per transaction is 0.9% whether purchasing a stablecoin with another stablecoin (USDT, USDC, or DAI) or when purchasing them with USD.

  • Is Kraken secure?

Kraken is a secure cryptocurrency exchange that prioritizes the safety of its users’ assets and personal information. Cold storage of 95% of digital assets, as well as servers housed in locked cages with 24/7 video surveillance and armed guards, are among their security measures. Kraken is regulated by FinCEN and provides financial stability through full reserves, solid banking partnerships, and the highest legal compliance standards.


Kraken is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange due to its numerous features, ease of use, customer care, and superior security. Meta Lion Ventures believes Kraken is a suitable exchange for anyone, whether users are new investors, experienced day traders, or institutional clients because it supports over 185+ cryptocurrencies, 7 fiat currencies, and additional features such as staking, margin trading, futures trading, and OTC desk.

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