What is Radiant? Lending Platform on Arbitrum – CashOut Network

I. What is Radiant ?

Radiant is a Lending platform on the Arbitrum ecosystem with the potential to become a pioneer Omnichain marketplace, where users can completely deposit assets on any main chain and borrow a variety of mutual assets. on multiple strings.

Radian helps payment transactions on many different chains to be executed quickly and conveniently, avoiding cumbersome operations. This helps optimize user enjoyment in the best way.

II. Striking Features of (Project)

  • Cross-chain interoperability: Radiant is built on Layer Zero. With version V1 taking advantage of Stargate’s stable router interface. Lenders want to withdraw their collateral on this chain and pass it on to another chain or chains easily
  • Transaction Fees: Built on Arbitrum, transaction fees will be minimized, combined with the security capabilities and application of Ethereum’s mechanism allows the team to build an ecosystem that creates opportunities for users to earn interest rates while maintaining high safety.
  • Optimized user experience: Radiant eliminates middlemen from asset trading, futures and savings accounts. Provide the best user experience.
  • Security: Radiant focuses on core services against vulnerability, the project also spent more than $2 million on security tests conducted by Layer Zero and Stargate. The project itself is also audited by Solidity Finance and is implementing a second audit trail implemented by Peckshield.

III. Radiant Platform Fees

  • Lenders that provide liquidity to Radiant will earn a passive income on the assets they deposit.
  • Borrowers can withdraw from mortgage funds for liquidity (working capital) without selling their assets and closing their positions.
  • All LP borrowers, lenders and providers receive token rewards in the form of RDNT.

IV. Radiant Reward

Users have two completely actionable choices with their RDNT rewards:

  • Vest Until Complete: Allow RDNT to expire and get enough tokens.
  • Withdrawal earlier than specified time: Get instant reward by incurring penalty with exit fee of 50%.

Example: Cashout has 1000 RDNT. If you want to exit early Cashout will receive 500 RDNT and the remaining 50% will be divided among the remaining LP producers. Besides, Cashout can also lock the remaining 500 RDNT to receive penalty fees from other liquidity producers as well as benefits from the platform. The APR will usually be higher than usual.

V. What is RDNT?

1. Detailed Information about RDNT

Token Metrics

  • Token Name: Radiant Capital
  • Ticker: RDNT
  • Circulating Supply: 27,652.425
  • FDV: $48.261,828
  • Total Supply: 51,522,981
  • Market Cap: $1,334,785
  • All-time High: $0.242 (March 26, 2022)
  • All-time Low: $0.047 (July 31, 2022)
  • %Down from ATH: 81% (August 1, 2022)

2. RDNT Allocation

  • Incentives – Supply and Borrowers: 50%
  • Treasury: 3%
  • Team: 20%
  • Core Contributors and Ecosystem: 7%
  • Incentive – Pool 2: 20%

3. RDNT Noticeable Milestones

Token Release Schedule

  • 50% is issued as an offer to liquidity providers for Pool: released over a period of 2 years
  • 20% issued as an incentive to liquidity providers for Pool 2: released over a 2 year period
  • 7% allocated to core contributors and advisors : Linear release over 1 year
  • 20% allocated to the Team is released linearly over a year with a 3-month interval
  • 3% is reserved for Tresuary

4. Use Cases of RDNT

  • Join DeFi: Liquidity Pool, Staking
  • Governance : Voting 
  • Reward for liquidity producers

VI. How to earn & own RDNT?


VII. Which Crypto Wallets are suitable for RDNT?


VIII. RDNT Recent Developments


IX. Teams, Funds & Partners of RDNT

1. Team


2. Investment Funds


3. Partners


X. Where can RDNT information be updated?

Currently, Crypto users can fully consult, research, and analyze information about Radiant through famous media newspapers such as Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Forbes, AP News, Yahoo!Finance, CoinTelegraph, Coindesk, etc.

These media are constantly updated with useful information, new activities, outstanding events of Radiant and all the topics surrounding it. Accordingly, Meta Lion Ventures continuously updates the topic of outstanding projects in Blockchain and hot events organized between Meta Lion & partners.


Radiant is a fairly potential project that can be tracked in the near future, but the team, Investors still do not have clear information, it is still quite vague, with the team Lending projects need to be careful. It is very important before participating in the platform because it is quite possible that this is a double-edged sword.

The above is Meta Lion’s comment on the Aave project which is our personal opinion, this is not investment advice at all. Investors should be responsible for their own decisions. 


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