What is Stargate Finance? In-depth Analysis of Stargate Finance & STG

I. What is Stargate Finance?

Stargate Finance is a cross-chain bridge solution built on LayerZero. Making cross-chain token trading easy, simple and seamless. DeFi users can exchange native assets on Stargate in a single transaction.

For example, users can exchange USDC on Ethereum for USDT on BNB. Stargate could include an owner’s preferred return aggregator for cross-chain asset deployment, opening the prospect of additional APY.

II. Striking Features of Stargate Finance

The Stargate bridge was the first to solve the bridging dilemma. Existing bridges must compromise the following basic characteristics:

  • Users and applications can trust that the transaction they successfully commit on the source chain will reach the destination chain.
  • Users and applications swap in the original assets instead of the wrapped assets, which require additional costs and swaps to get the requested object.
  • Shared access to a single liquidity pool across multiple chains creates more liquidity for users and applications based on bridge reliability.

The main features of Stargate Finance include:

  • Transfer: Users use Stargate’s liquidity pool to transfer native assets 1:1 between chains. A handover sent on the source chain is guaranteed to reach the destination.
  • Pools: Add liquidity to Stargate’s Omnichain protocol and get a stablecoin incentive on every Stargate transfer. LPs can also farm their LP tokens for STG token incentives.
  • Farms: In exchange for STG prizes, Stargate LPs can famr their LP tokens. Earning STG is a requirement to be part of the Stargate community.
  • Stake: STG token holders can lock their STG tokens in exchange for veSTG, the governance token of Stargate. The more veSTG users receive, the longer they will deposit STG.

III. Core Technology of Stargate Finance

  • Explanation of Core Technologies of (Project)
  • Examination of Core Technologies for users & others

IV. What is STG Token?

1. Detailed Information about STG Token

Key Metrics

  • Ticker: STG.
  • Blockchain: Ethereum.
  • Contract: 0xaf5191b0de278c7286d6c7cc6ab6bb8a73ba2cd6.
  • Token Standard: ERC-20.
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance.
  • Circulating Supply: 133,272,369 STG.
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 STG.

2. STG Token Allocation

3.STG Token Noticeable Milestones

Token Release Schedule

Token Sale

Stargate Finance has launched a public sale of STG tokens on the Stargate bridge. They auctioned 10% of the total supply of STG tokens with a value of about 100 million tokens raising $25M USDC.

Sam Trabbuco, CEO of Alameda Research, confirmed on Twitter that Alameda bought all the tokens in the recent Stargate auction and that they have no plans to sell for at least three years.

4. Use Cases of STG Token

  • Governance: Stargate is fully managed by STG token holders through voting escrow.
  • LPs can also fund Stargate Protocol to receive STG rewards.
  • Earning STG is a requirement to be part of the Stargate community

V. How to earn & own STG Token?

You can register an account and trade STG on Binance, Huobi, Bybit, etc.

VI. Which Crypto Wallets are suitable for STG Token?

After the token sale phase 1, STG will be traded on Curve Finance.

Currently, STG can be traded on many different CEX DEX exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, FTX, PancakeSwap, Trader Joe, Uniswap,etc.

VII. STG Token Recent Developments

  • Explanation of (Project Token) growths recently

VIII. Teams, Funds & Partners of STG Token

1. Team

The project team building Stargate Finance is the team of LayerZero

2. Investment Funds

Team has not announced Stargate Finance investors.

3. Partners

Stargate has blockchain partners and cross-chain liquidity service providers such as Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, SushiSwap, OmniBTC,etc.

IX. Where can STG Token information be updated?

Currently, Crypto users can fully consult, research, and analyze information about STG Token through famous media newspapers such as Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Forbes, AP News, Yahoo!Finance, CoinTelegraph, Coindesk, etc.

These media are constantly updated with useful information, new activities, outstanding events of STG Token and all the topics surrounding it. Accordingly, Meta Lion Ventures continuously updates the topic of outstanding projects in Blockchain and hot events organized between Meta Lion & partners.


The above is Meta Lion’s comment on the Stargate Finance project which is our personal opinion, this is not investment advice at all. Investors should be responsible for their own decisions. 


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